Hang Rapist, Save Society

Early morning today, September 10, 2020, a woman named Sana was gang-raped by two men in front of her children on Motorway Lahore. They snatched Sana’s jewellery and money amount 100,000. This incident has horrified the whole nation with fear of rape.

Yesterday, one transgender was killed and another injured on Wednesday, September 09, 2020, in Palosai Peshawar, KP. Gul Panra (real name Shakil) died while her colleague Chahat (Real Name: Tariq) got injured in the firing by an unidentified gunman while returning back from the musical program.

In 2019, 3,881 cases of rape, 1,359 children sexual abuse registered in Punjab. On March 15, 2020, reported in Tribune, in 60 days 73 incidents of rape were reported in Punjab, including 5 gang rape.

Society is not safe to live. Our families are not safe, our women and children are horrified from the rapist. Our children are not safe in the playground, schools, academies and even in the Holy place Mosques. Our mothers, sisters and wives are not safe outside the home. The rapist has polluted every place. The incidents are increasing in number and the state is silent for strict punishment and a strictly implemented legislation for stopping this evil in our society which is going so fast.

Women are saying we are not safe. Parents are saying our children are not safe. Transgenders are saying we are not safe. Who else remains? Who is safe?

According to Clause No: 35 and 37, Chapter No. 2, Principles of Policies, The Constitution of Pakistan. The state is responsible; to protect our families, the mother and the child. The state is responsible; to promote social justice and the eradication of social evils. Does the state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is giving these rights to its citizens? Sadly, No.

Very sadly, I must say for Transgenders even the constitution doesn’t acknowledge their rights. There is no clause mentioning Transgenders in Chapter No: 2, Principles of Policies in The Constitution of Pakistan. Infect they are not entitled in The Constitution of Pakistan which shall be amended to acknowledge transgenders in the constitution.

Firstly, I will suggest for a continued social media, print media, and Television campaign to eradicate the social evil from our society. Academia shall play a vital role in teaching: How to protect yourself from such incidents. The Pakistan Television shall broadcast serials addressing the rape cases and to educate the masses and aware them about the sin to control the increasing statistics of rape, child sexual abuse and transgender sexual assaults.

Secondly, the state must punish the rapist, involved in child abuse and transgender violence. They shall be punished to death. There should be the implementation of “Public Hanging Law” which was passed in the National Assembly in February 2020 in the session presided by Deputy Speaker, National Assembly, Qasim Khan Suri.

The signatories wrote: “This house (National Assembly) demands that to stop these shameful and brutal killings of children and give a strong deterrent effect, the killers and rapists should not only be given death penalty by hanging but they should be hanged publicly.”

Thirdly, Law has been passed by parliament but the implementation of the law is not seen. To protect our society from the rapist government, need to implement this law in due consideration. Citizens of Pakistan have the right to be safe and guarded by the state.

The last but not the least, Hang Rapist, Save Society.

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  1. Muhammad Asim
    Muhammad Asim says:

    Rapist should be fucked with a hard wooden cock so that he should feel the feelings of innocent people & then hang till death

  2. Dr Harry
    Dr Harry says:

    Der ghalt kaar rawan d
    Bas da de saza sansar kidl pakar d
    Da yo dala wae madina ka reasat o
    Saza paki warkol nshta
    Da tol kunyan milo d

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