The Future is Female

A simple dictionary definition for feminism is; “Feminism is the belief in full social, economic and political equality for women.”

Feminism is a very clear and sound approach. I must say 1400 years ago there was the first feminist who initiated to empower women and provided women with their rights— the rights of education, the rights of justice, the rights of choices and the rights of the living. Who protected women from all kind of harassment. And we can’t deny his approach to women was very kind and successful. And he is, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who left the world with a great message that women shall be equally treated in the state of Madinah. And the approach of empowering women was adopted and implemented in a true manner.

Women of Muslims and Non-Muslims were trading aside with men, from cities to cities and countries to countries. There was no harassment, there was no inequality, there was only peace and love. Women were getting an education, doing business, participating in all kind of social, economic and political activities.

The future is female arose a debate and criticism all over the world that If a man argued that; no, the future is male — than what would it be?

As a man, I refer this statement to the participation of women in the field of science and research in a modern technological world. Women are side by side with men, getting a quality education and delivering their best in the field of research.

The future was female from the very first day when Bibi Hawa give birth to her first child and was the first mother. The past was female, and the future is also female.

In the nineteenth century, we do have Marie Curie — a female scientist. Who is the only person with two Nobel Prizes in two sciences. She was awarded her first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and the second Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911. 

We can’t forget a renowned political leader and the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto for her sincere services to this country.

There are so many renowned women across the world, helping their people to get out of poverty and delivering their services in the field of science and research.

In the modern world, feminism is very polluted with negative approaches. A debate of conflicts among pro and anti-feminists is highlighted with two different argument-able reasons. The pro-feminist limited the approach of feminism to social behaviour rather than human rights. Which brings a conflict in between with negative justified statements from both parties. 

I would say, rather argued with Islamic and western societal evidence that vulgarity couldn’t be justified in the context of feminism. Feminism is the advocacy for women rights, rather than advocating the vulgar slogans of women. Which are not to empower women but to disrespect their real value in society. 

Every country, religion has norms and customs for living their life in the define codes of their religion or societal norms. Living in an Islamic state and asking for familiar social rights like western countries never justify the empowerment of women in the Islamic States rather devaluing the teachings of Islam.

Western countries or non-Islamic countries purely follow their own culture of wearing and living. They follow the local and Islamic culture and wear the culture dresses often visiting to Pakistan or any other Muslim country. Because of the beauty of the Islamic code of wearing for women.  

A recent popular slogan of Aurat March; “Mera Jisam Meri Marzi” arose questions in mind. How does it sound, what does it means?

The pro-feminist and anti-feminist often debate with each other and there is no conclusion to that debate. Feminism in Islam and in Western countries could be argued in two different approaches. 

In Islam feminism, is to empower women with their rights. Because historically women were harassed in many ways and are still treated under barbaric rules and are harassed for sexism, rapes, acid attacks and so many other ways across the globe. 

According to the World Population Review, 35% of women across the world have experienced sexual harassment. In Pakistan every day at least eleven women are raped in the country with the last six years statistics, 22,000 cases are reported to the police, and expecting 200% more than the number of the current statistics are hidden, reported in The News International on 08, March 2021.

Feminism in western countries is very broader approach. It refers to social empowerment in a very highlighted manner. It starts with wearing clothes, sexual rights, and the rights to be independent in all kinds of social decisions. It also refers to the movement against human rights violations. Which is also appreciated in Islamic ideology before 1400 years.

To end my arguments, I must say, feminism and empowering women is very needed for our society. I must quote Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan to elaborate and justify my arguments. Jinnah says; “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with men.” — Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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