Students Dilemma in Private Hostels in Islamabad: A Policy Perspective

In Islamabad, students pay more than half of their pocket money for a hostel room. Nearby areas of different universities private hostels are charging the minimum of 10,000 rupees for a room of 3–4-person occupancy and the double occupancy room rent charges are ranging from 12,000 to 16,000 rupees, the single-seater ranging from 12,000 to 16,000 rupees (prices are average may be higher or lower in some areas, depends on the location).

The food they serve to students is unhygienic and unhealthy. There is no proper check and balance by the district administration to increase the quality of food. Normally, students take their meal in restaurants which cost them an extra amount. The internet facilities they provide is often very slow because of the huge numbers of devices connected and the students are in dire need to pay an extra amount to recharge their internet packages from their pocket money.

Firstly, the current government shall encourage investment in building studio apartments for students and bachelors in every sector to bring ease to their lives and end the monopoly of hostels in nearby universities areas. This will encourage investment in the new business opportunities in building studio flats in different sectors.

Secondly, the district administration shall provide government rates for all private hostels, prices may vary the ups and downs according to the location. This will reduce the rates to the reasonable payable amount for the private hostels and will facilitate students with organizing their limited budget productively.

Thirdly, the district government or food authorities shall keep their eye on the food quality to ensure the quality of food they serve. However, there are various diseases caused by unhygienic food and unhealthy drinking water. To address the quality of food in hostels and arranging the food weekly menu in a healthy diet will be healthy for students.

Lastly, a complaint cell has to be established under the supervision of the DC Islamabad for registering complaints of all owners of private hostels. Almost half of the owners of the private hostels misbehave with the living students. To bring the harsh behaviour of hostels owners in the law and order to reduce the psychological torture and harassment they are giving to the living students. This complaint cell will be helpful to reduce the mental torture for students and will provide them with a healthy learning environment.

Originally the article is published in PIDE Guide to Policy & Research.

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