Your writer Kashif Aakash is currently MPhil Scholar of Public Policy at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad, Pakistan. Having a greater interest in Policy Making, and Politics and as ambitious to be a policymaker in the upcoming years INSHALLAH.

Hitting from a local school at my village Sabir Abad Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and grounding at Cadet College Warsak motivated me and had given me hope and made me ambitious to achieve something meaningful in my life.

Life to me is that mothers give your examples to their children for centuries.  To reach that level I believe, believing in itself is the one and only key which leads to success. I still remember that day when I was in my college at grade 8th and my Principal Sir Jahnzeb told me that; “Son, Good Morning, and I replied, Thank You sir” and all-around laughed after he corrected me. I had decided on that particular day that I would reach that level when people would have a thurst to read my words and I know reaching that level is not so near and never so far away and can be achieved with determination and passion.

While entering Cadet College Warsak, I had no future goals and understanding about life and graduating from college had rendered me so many plans and goals with different alternative ways.

My family wanted me to be an Army Officier rather I had also felled in love with the Khaki Uniform but they didn’t like me and I got Not Recommended form ISSB, Shukur Alhamdulillah! After that, I was mentally tortured by the nearest family members, friends and all around who had already decided my future and the great Allah Almighty had planned something else for me. I was mentally and psychologically sick, I believe that was because I was so alone and had decided to get admission in Agriculture at The University of Agriculture Peshawar. In the first two, years, I had the worst experience of my education career when I was not understanding my course work because of zero interest in the subject. I had decided to change my major after two years when I got a chance to choose in almost twenty majors and had selected Rural Development as my major in my degree.

I learned many things in these two years and finally got something of my interest in the coursebook as well. Then finally, I got my degree in 2019 with major in Rural Development.

I was also working during my specialization as a Teacher and Program Coordinator with Vision21 Foundation which is a Not For Profit, Non-Governmental Organization based in Islamabad and worked for 1 year.

I am also the Founder and Managing Director of “Academic Help” which is an educational farm, a consultancy helping in academic matters around Pakistan.

I wish I could keep your concentration more to my biography, and I would try to add more in future.

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