Policy Talks’ is a sister organization and a project of the Center for Policy Research (CPR). Policy Talks’ is a talk show and a quarterly magazine highlighting policy issues and engaging policy discourse in a debate and magazine. Policy Talks’ is broadcasting its policy debates in public policy, economic policy, education policy, health policy, social policy, foreign policy and cities policy with field experts on its YouTube Channel and publishing a quarterly e-magazine, available on its website.


Aims and Objectives:

The Policy Talks aims the following objectives;

  • Engage policy debates with field experts
  • Promoting an informed discourse on policy issues
  • Highlighting voice of people to policymakers
  • Engaging Youth in policy debates
  • Policy Research


Listen to my Podcast Show, Policy Talks on multiple platforms. Find the Direct link for the platforms below.

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Contact: policytalks@kashifaakash.com or policytalksorg@gmail.com.