My mother and her sayings to me: Mother’s day 2020

I wouldn’t go in acknowledging the importance of valuing mothers. The word itself is unique which needs no explanation. It is full of feelings, comprised of emotions, happiness and a loyal companionship of all time.

Majority mothers in our society are a housewife and are not formal degree holders but they are educated in true sense. The real education is represented when a mother is educating a little child, teaching him/her the mother tongue, holding her hand to teach how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to bath etc. Showing him the right path and restraining from the wrong pathway. Teaching a little kid about the standards of living in society, educating him to respect your elders, keep yourself clean and eat quality and good food which is beneficial for health.

Some people say their mother is uneducated. I don’t agree with them. All Mothers are educated but are not certified by any formal institution for their role, infect the word “Mother” itself is a certified degree which is equivalent to a PhD doctorate. Withholding such prestigious informal certification by Allah Almighty we can’t confess that some mothers are illiterate, they are literate in their own roles.

Moreover, the true companionship of this relationship is loyal with a strong heart when we are angered, she hides her anger and smiles. When we have little food, she says I am not hungry. When we are in pain, she feels it inside her body.

I still remember that moment when I was talking to my mother six years before and suddenly, she told me that “Be the person that people would call me with your introduction” infect she wanted to encourage me to be ambitious. Your success will give me happiness when I would be going somewhere and people will acknowledge me that she is Kashif’s mother. For me, these words are more inspirational and motivational than any other motivational speaker. It motivates me when I feel down, it encourages me when I give up, it makes me strong when I am feeble and it gives me the strength to accept my failures and be determined to my goals.

We all have great respect for our mother and indeed this should be the first priority of every individual. We feel the importance of this loyal companion when we don’t have this blessing in our homes. Alhamdullilah, I am blessed that my mother is still with us and I am eating daily meal twice a day cooked by her. This is not less than a blessing for me.

The last but not the least, I want to thank my mother and every mother for teaching us the standard of living.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother!

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