Review: Chapter 3 ‘Build State for Development’: Looking Back How Pakistan became an Asian Tiger by 2050, Written by Nadeem Ul Haque

Review: Chapter 3 “Build State for Development”:

Looking Back How Pakistan Became an Asian Tiger by 2050 In this book by Nadeem ul Haque, he has tremendously mentioned Pakistan development in futuristic approach. Recommended many policy recommendations, mentioned many flaws in the government and some good critic on the incapability of the previous governments. Haque also drew a picture with his words in a futuristic approach: How Pakistan overcome all flaws and became an Asian Tiger. In this chapter 3 “Build State for Development” Haque beautifully critic the donor’s organization, who fund Pakistan but influence their ideas to the concern and influence authorities to “Copy Paste” the ideas from them and ignore the local ideas driven by local research and local people. Furthermore, Nadeem wants to acknowledge that in the first two decades of the country there were sectarian and religious challenges faced by the state. The professional army came to rescue the state, pushed back the radicals. With this army began to perform many state functions, such as policing high crime areas, disaster relief, developmental projects and conducting surveys. Moreover, Haque enlightens the importance of local government and notified that attempts were made in past to establish a good local government system but politicians of all shades connived with the powerful colonial-style bureaucracy to imitate the emerging local government system, where the system will either die or be rendered useless. The author beautifully develops a framework for the electoral system where the president and senate shall be voted directly by the people rather by the parliamentarian. Adding to this further he said, the Executive of the country, The Prime Minister shall limit his cabinet to fifteen ministries, obviating political bargaining ministerial appointment and the cabinet member shall be from the parliament. The Prime Minister and Finance Minister will no longer utilize the budget and tax exemption in a whimsical manner. The Finance Ministry will be counted in a serious manner keeping eye on the budget and prevent arbitrary over runs. He also mentioned that the attendance of each parliamentarian shall be dealt in serious matter. Haque has given a concept of Senate Committee on Role of Government to be formed which will develop a policy document which can be debatable in the parliament and many other forums.

The last but not the least, Haque has drawn a theoretical map of 20 states almost in equal population size. And this could be a way towards prosperity.