Stay Home & Stay Safe-COVID19


The pandemic Coronavirus is spreading so fast in the whole world, it almost affected 160 countries and the number of patients is increasing every second to second. The health facilities among the top health care in the world are unable to control the spreading of the virus. If you want to know more about the virus read out my previous blog What is Coronavirus? it’s symptoms, preventions and statistics”.

I would share some conversation I had with people around in my village Sabir Abad, Karak, KP from the last few days.

I asked a person in my village, are you following the World Health Organization (WHO) preventions to stop spreading of this virus? He replied, there is no virus, chill. Allah Almighty will protect us, I answered, he would, we blindly believe that, but as a human, we are supposed to do our part as well by following the instructions we are advised by the world doctors’ community. I tried to influence him and educate him about the virus but he really was not interested in this knowledge.

I was roaming around in my village because I get this opportunity after several months to stay for a long time at my village. I met with one of my uncle’s friend, I asked him about Coronavirus and the preventions his family is following or not. And he replied, there is no virus it is all to get aid from the international community, I was not able to ask him about any reference because he was my elder than it becomes misbehaving if you ask rather agree with the elder’s statement at my village. I rather mentioned about the current statistics and had introduced what actually is the virus but he didn’t agree that the virus is present in Pakistan and was keeping his words that it is a play to get foreign aid.

I was really shocked, that such as him there would be more in number resembling his thinking and would take this virus so lite. But, before we are too late, we need to protect ourselves by following the preventions advised by WHO rather saying, it is all to get foreign aid or Allah will protect us or we need to die someday maybe it is the coronavirus.

The premier of Pakistan Imran Khan has said in his address to the nation two days before that; “You should not rash to the hospitals for laboratory observations if you feel the symptoms of the virus because 90% patients survive the virus and are recovered, very few people go to a severe condition which may cause human loss”. I think this is really disappointing from the Prime Minister. First, our nation is not taking it seriously and then the words of Imran Khan is motivating their relaxation from the disease and it might cause so much human and economic loss in the near days.

I would recommend immediate policy actions to lock down the big cities, stop the connected roads among the provinces and big cities. The government shall provide the standard health facilities in the hospitals, provide food to the poor people, the rich people shall support the government and the nation by taking the responsibility of their food items, supporting medical equipment’s to control the pandemic. We as a nation should prove the humanity that health is the supreme priority of every Pakistani. It’s time to help, not to earn. Allah Almighty is examining us as a Muslim and above all as a human.

Life is so beautiful and people around us are so sweet, we need to take care of each other’s and should try our best in protecting ourselves from the virus. We need to read books, even some best authors are providing free eBooks for us to stay safe at home. Let’s grab some good knowledge, watch some good Netflix seasons, spend some quality time with the family and above all be a responsible citizen of Pakistan.

Let’s unite like the two letters “WE” which brings us together as a nation rather the single letter “I” which denotes the selfishness of own self.

May Allah protect all Muslims from the Coronavirus. May Allah protect all humans around the world whether they are Muslims or Non-Muslims. Oh, Lord! We all seek forgiveness from you and we admire your greatness and are begging to forgive our sins.  Ameen, Suma Ameen!

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