What makes us happy?

What is your earliest memory of being happy?

Do you remember awaking up with no worries in your childhood? Do you remember that feeling being a kid in the cold winter days, raining outside your room and asking your mother to permit you to not go to school and the freeing feeling of not having to go to school today?

Do you really miss when you used to play Tip-cat (Goli Danda) in your village? Do you really miss the unnecessary laughing with your friends from your childhood days?

For me, being happy is being free like the winters raining, and the smile you hold at your face, and the jokes among friends and the laughing moments for hours together.

We all want to be happy. It’s a full feeling, it connects us with others and deep in ourselves.

The Happiness Psychology is saying people get happy when they earn good money, buy things, improve the comfort of living but the study is saying there are other stories as well where the rich people in the world are admitting, that money cannot buy you happiness. They have money, comfort, the standard of living but more worries and less happiness in their life.

Before modern technology life was amazing and connected with our loved ones. In the world of technology, people are busy in making money, buying technology, comfort and luxury living but still not happy in their lives. Earning good money gives us pleasure but for a little period of time, afterwards, it enters in our blood like nicotine to earn more and more money and that greediness for money never ends till the day we are died and buried in six feet land property we actually have in this world.

What is then this all about how come happiness and satisfaction? Have you prayed with full concentration? Do you recite Quran daily? When we ignore the creature, he pulls out happiness and satisfaction from our life. To be happy, it’s not about money, nor comfort and luxury. There are people, living below the poverty line, riding on a bicycle but are happy in their lives, and there are people travelling in Mercedes Benz, living in luxury homes and are full of depression and anxiety.

I think it’s all about the bonding and connections we hold with Allah Almighty, we acknowledge his greatness, offer prayers and recite his verses, he gives us pleasure and satisfaction. All other things are temporary and connection with God is permanent, in the ongoing life and afterlife.

Today is International Day of Happiness observing every year on 20 March. Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated this day to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world.

Happy International Day of Happiness. Stay Happy!

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