A tribute to healthcare workers on 73rd Independence Day of Pakistan

The COVID-19 hits Pakistan and the whole world so badly. Thousands of people lost their lives and millions of people got infected to the virus. In Pakistan, 287,300 people got infected to the virus in which 6,153 lost their lives and 265,15 are recovered with 774 fighting the COVID-19 in the critical condition till date.

In Pakistan, the virus is infected to 5,367 healthcare workers where we have lost 58 healthcare workers including 42 doctors in the mission to save lives.

We shall not forget they sacrificed their lives, their families, relatives and worked day and night to protect our lives. The Pakistani government have not provided them with the advance protective equipment’s but they have continued their mission to fight COVID-19 to save lives.

On July, 1 Amnesty International in a letter to Pakistan’s Former Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza urged to ensure the protection of healthcare workers pertaining to the rise in coronavirus infections and attacks against them. “While everyone remains at risk of contracting COVID-19, health workers are particularly vulnerable as they are consistently and repeatedly exposed to the virus,” it said.

I dedicate this Independence to all healthcare workers of Pakistan who are fighting this pandemic with the frontline fighters and defeated the virus in a good way. I must give privilege to all the citizens who followed the precautions of WHO and the Government of Pakistan to stop the spread of the virus.

On the eve of Independence Day, I witnessed thousands of Pakistanis in The City of Flowers, Peshawar, roaming on roads with zeal. Coloured their vehicles and faces with Pakistani Flag. Wearing Pakistan’s flag dress. Listening to the national songs, singing the national slogans and showing the extreme love for this great nation.

Behind, the happiness and excitement of this event we shall not forget the frontline fighters of healthcare who risk their lives in the battle against Coronavirus. They brought smiles back on our faces and this shall be acknowledged with huge respect in our hearts.

With huge respect, I want to thank all the healthcare professionals for fighting the battle against Coronavirus from the frontline.

May Allah keep us all safe from Coronavirus. May this great nation live forever.

Healthcare workers Zindabad!

Pakistan Zindabad!